Constrain Moth Spray - 1L
Constrain is a ready to use, pH neutral, water-based insecticide, specially developed for the effective control of a wide range of insect pests (including clothes moths, carpet beetles, silverfish, etc) that attack valuable fabric.  Used extensively in stately homes and museums...
Moth and Fabric Insect Trap - Pheromone
The most effective pheromone based Fabric Insect Trap in the world! Designed to target the most common and problematic cloth moths and carpet pests that destroy textiles and fabrics. The trap is discreet and used to monitor environments which have products...
from £20.00
Refills for Pheromone Moth and Fabric Insect Traps
The most effective pheromone based Fabric Insect Trap in the world! Pheromone lure refills available to replace the pheromone lure insert in either 5 or 10 packs. Refills should be kept below 20ºC for short-term storage, and below 4ºC for...
from £35.00
Flying Insect Sticky Traps - Pack of 10
Flying insects are nightmare all year round but especially as the weather gets warmer. These sticky pads work extremely well to catch fruit flies and keep them away from your food waste and fruit bowl.  Flying insects are attracted to...
Clothes Moth Trap
This effective pheromone trap, which can either be hung or preferably placed in storage areas or near items at risk.  In a temperature around 15-18°C, the male moth will fly in search of a mate and will be attracted by...
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