We are a family of passionate textile conservators who have worked closely with museums and galleries for years and use the very best products to protect, restore and preserve fabric and art.

As consumers ourselves we realised we were making more sustainable clothing choices to invest in quality pieces rather than the fast fashion that seems to have had it's day. It felt like it was the right time to bring the family expertise and knowledge into the modern world and consider how we store our everyday clothes as we now buy things we want to last longer.

Of course your wedding dress is just one investment that deserves to last a lifetime, but also your knitwear, coats or your favourite pair of shoes also need to be protected from damp, dust, dirt and moths each season when they get stored away. 

We would love storemydress to become so much more than just a shop, we  want to offer textile knowledge and advice. If you have issues with moths or any other textile conservation issue, we hope we can offer a solution and share our experience with you.    

We believe that beautiful clothes should last forever...

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